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  • MC Download Free MP3 Songs 0.0.11

    MC is the limewire successor that is presented by ALL.COM. It allows you to Search and download free mp3 songs from the Nutella network as well as
  • Free Music Songs 2 2

    This software is free and is constantly updated with new songs from musicians around the world. It has a wide genre of music & songs,
  • Free Midi Karaoke - Player 1.0

    Enjoy a Karaoke session on your PC or practise lyrics before a gig. Since most of our MIDI-files come with lyrics encrypted we thought you would enjoy
  • Free Create-Burn ISO 2.0

    Free Create-Burn ISO is a professional data CD / DVD burning tool. With this software you can burn CD-R, CD-RW, DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW discs directly, or
  • Free ISO Create Wizard 3.7.6

    Free ISO Create Wizard helps you create ISO image from files or folders. With Free ISO Create Wizard, you can easily create ISO image from any files
  • Karaoke Song List Creator Free Edition 2013

    Karaoke Song List Creator provides a fast and easy way to catalogue all your Karaoke discs. The excellent interface consists of a toolbar, pull down
  • Free Create-Burn ISO Image 2.0

    Free Create-Burn ISO is a professional data CD / DVD burning tool. With this software, you can burn CD-R, CD-RW, DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW directly, or you
  • Songs of Action

    Songs of Action by Arthur Conan
  • Songs from Books

    Songs from Books is a collection of songs from novels by Rudyard
  • 4 Chord Songs 1.0

    Select four chords, choose a music style, hit play and the program will play a full accompaniment with drums, bass, guitar and piano instruments.
  • Download Songs 1 1

    Download Songs sends the music you download from the internet to iTunes for you. Download Songs watches any folders that you choose-- when it sees new
  • Via Songs to Russian 1.2.4

    The ???Via Songs to Russian??? (VStoR) software has been developed for learning Russian on your own. This software can give you many positive
  • TLN Children Songs 2012.3

    TLN Children Songs is a children's songs and stories box for 1-6 years old children, including more than 300 children's songs, stories, and games, It
  • Hardcore songs pt 1

    This is the first parts that have 5 and i Hope like these. there ALL hard songs except a few... i think... around 5 songs in here are not hard at all
  • Songs of Araiah 1.0

    Jason runs away from his home in search of an elusive mansion beyond the forest at the base of a mountain. He seeks its sole resident, a lady believed
  • Remove Duplicate Songs Pro 3.96

    Remove Duplicate Songs - find and remove duplicate songs with the best duplicate song remover. Duplicate song removing software is the best way to
  • Recover Zune Songs

    Zune diagnostic tool is fast, easy and non-destructive utility that recovers your lost files and folders via advanced or automated algorithms of data
  • eMedia Guitar Songs 1.0

    eMedia Guitar Songs 1.0 is an effective program which provides you the easiest way to learn classic hits! eMedia's Guitar Songs
  • iPod MP3 Songs Recovery

    iPod lost data repair service provides recovery of all deleted jpg, gif, jpeg, tiff, riff image files from corrupted iPod. Portable media player songs
  • Remove Duplicate MP3 Songs 4.96

    Remove Duplicate MP3 Songs - automatically with award-winning Duplicate Remover. This software to remove duplicate MP3 files and remove duplicate
  • Find Duplicate Songs 7.16

    Find Duplicate Songs - How to Find duplicate music? What is the best way to find duplicate songs? Automatically find duplicate MP3 files, delete
  • Buddy Holly Songs 1.0

    Buddy Holly Songs toolbar for Internet Explorer. Find Buddy Holly songs here as well as songs by other great artists including Stevie Ray Vaughan,
  • Bab Ballads And Savoy Songs

    Bab Ballads and Savoy Songs A book of ballads and songs by W.S.Gilbert, English dramatist and writer of humorous verse, he is best remembered as
  • Remove Duplicate Songs 7.39

    Remove Duplicate Songs - How? How to remove duplicate songs? Find and remove duplicate songs - easily with duplicate song remover. Find duplicate
  • How To Delete Duplicate Songs

    How to Delete Duplicate Songs and how to Delete song duplicates? How to delete duplicate songs in Windows media player of any version and how to
  • Yahoo! Music Top Songs 1.0

    Stay Connected with new and hot music! Displays top 10 songs from Yahoo Music! Once installed this will add a new Speed Dial button. The image will
  • Songs of Good Cheer -

    Hearken to all, Christmas is here, let s raise our voices in songs of good cheer. Let s sing of glad tidings, afar and wide, of comfort and joy at
  • Portable MP4 Player Songs Recovery

    Flash memory stick revival utilities helpful for damaged or missing files, lost photos and images. Pen drive data recovery specialist is just non
  • iPod Songs Retrieval Utility

    Professional iPod data restoration software allows recovery of files lost due to factory setting reset, improper handling, corruption of iPod device
  • iPod Songs Recovery Utility

    How can you recover your all time favorite audio video songs from your iPod! Apple iPod image restoration program recovers undetected still
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  • KHPro Demo 5.01

    karaoke CDG songs show lyrics on a display to help you learn songs faster, and to practice before performing in public or with friends and family.Singers, Bands and professional Show Hosts use KHPro to create new karaoke
  • Power Video Karaoke 1.2.28a

    You can create MPEG and AVI karaoke videos with any MP3 or WAV files as soundtrack by using Power Video karaoke. It allows users to type lyrics in, use text files, or import MIDI karaoke (KAR) songs as well as the
  • Karaoke CD+G Creator 2.1.3

    karaoke CD+G Creator is a karaoke software to create your own professional CD+G karaoke songs. With karaoke CD+G Creator it is easy to: * create CD+G karaoke versions of your favourite songs with lyrics, title image,
  • Unify Karaoke Jukebox Basic Edition 8 51

    Unify PC karaoke Software Basic Edition and Unify PC karaoke Software Home Edition are right for you if you want to transform your pc into a karaoke jukebox. Unify PC karaoke Software will help you to manage all music,
  • Kids Karaoke 1.2

    Kids karaoke 1.2 can relieve your stress with a fantastically simple karaoke player with 150+ free songs and you can add your own songs by copying a .kar file into the songs folder in short this karaoke player is so
  • Karaoke DVD Burner 1.0.1

    You can accumulate and burn DVD karaoke discs with karaoke DVD Burner. This program let you amass DVD karaoke discs from MP3+G files and CD+G disc. You can create DVD discs with numerous songs and it also let you convert
  • Karaoke Dream 1.43

    karaoke Dream is a karaoke player with the opportunity to play and create own karaoke songs. The system is working with filtered songs and also music/Midi files. When you are playing the MP3-files, the singer lead
  • MCGManager 1.0.30

    CAVS MCG Manager is a program that has three main functions. First it extracts songs from CD+G/CD discs to a hard drive. Second, it labels the songs with title and artist information. Third, it organizes the song files
  • Karaoke Manager 1.21

    The handy database program karaoke Manager that is developed by Henry Bartlett and Michael Eriksson is used for those karaoke files that are formatted as .kar, .st3, .kfn or .mp3. Its key features are as follow: it is
  • SKC1001 Karaoke Cosmos Software 1.0.5

    Following is the key features of handy software SKC1001 karaoke Cosmos: it has user friendly interface; you can use it for playing MP3+G and VCD karaoke songs as well as for searching for Disks in the Tree Directory; it
  • Debs Pro Karaoke Player 1.5.2

    This application allows you to host your karaoke show from your laptop computer Debs Pro karaoke Player lets you play Zipped Mp3/CD+G karaoke Files from your computer. This program has a built in Database that allows you
  • Karaoke Machine 1.1

    The versatile tool karaoke Machine 1.1 enables you to sing karaoke-style songs and record your performance. It has ability to remove karaoke voices.
  • Karaoke Maker 2.0

    karaoke Maker is a stand-alone karaoke mastering tool. This means you can easy create karaoke files (*.KAR) with it.A lot of usefull functions, friendly interface,win amp karaoke plugin, wizard and internal player allows
  • SMC Karaoke Manager 1. 3. 2001

    You can use the SMC karaoke Manager, to create karaoke CDs (audio only) or CD+Gs (audio and graphics). SMC audio files (without scrolling lyrics) can be burned onto a CD for use in most karaoke machines. Note that since
  • SingSong Karaoke 2.1

    SingSong karaoke 2.1 is an advanced and easy to use karaoke program which has any song in the world and scores you based on how well you sing! Major Features: karaoke any song in the world SingSong allows you to karaoke
  • Siglos Karaoke Player/Recorder 3.01

    Play karaoke (CD+G discs, MP3+G, or MIDI karaoke) on your computer. Siglos karaoke Player/Recorder is a software karaoke player and recorder. It will change your computer into a karaoke machine! Siglos plays CD+G discs
  • PyKaraoke for Linux 0.6

    Pykaraoke is a free karaoke player for Linux, freeBSD, NetBSD, Windows, OSX and GP2X. You can use this program to play your collection of CDG, MIDI and MPEG karaoke songs. No songs are provided, you must obtain these
  • Karaoke Hoster

    create your karaoke songbooks with this tool. create your karaoke songbooks with this tool. karaoke Hoster is an easy to use karaoke song request rotation application and songbook generator. It runs as a front end
  • Karaoke Toolbox 1.0

    Manage and play your karaoke files, track your performances, create custom karaoke DVDs and more... If you're an avid karaoke fan, you most likely have your own CD+G disks and/or MP3+G file downloads stored on PC. And if
  • Zingamp Karaoke 1.0.3

    Zingamp karaoke is a free plugin for Winamp. Zingamp karaoke allows you to turn your PC into a karaoke machine. Zingamp karaoke supports LRC files, KAR files and MP3 files with lyrics-tags. Use the included LRC-editor to
  • PyKaraoke 0.6.1

    What is Pykaraoke? Pykaraoke is a free karaoke player for Linux, freeBSD, NetBSD, Windows, OSX and GP2X. You can use this program to play your collection of CDG, MIDI and MPEG karaoke songs. No songs are provided,
  • MP3 Karaoke 6.1.9

    MP3 karaoke is a freeware to create karaoke mp3 songs from your mp3 music collections. MP3 karaoke can eliminate and remove human vocal voice from the mp3 files. It is incredibly easy and fast. It can copy & save
  • midiX 0.97

    MIDI karaoke player that can play standard MIDI format files (type 0, 1 and 2), all type of karaoke files and RIFF/RMI files. MidiX is a smart and reliable MIDI karaoke player that can play standard MIDI format files
  • TriKaraoke MP3+G Player (Free) 1.5

    free MP3+G karaoke Player and one karaoke Song Included. Song Manager 1.0 is included to assist in purchasing songs. Player includes Multiplex, Key Changer and Playlist management. Easy to use with many powerful
  • PowerKaraoke 1.0.15

    Powerkaraoke is a CD+G karaoke mastering tool. It allows to create a song from scratch or can import any KAR (MIDI karaoke song). Advanced options allow to fine-tune the CD+G track (insert bitmaps, create duets and
  • Karaoke Home Producer 4.106

    Using karaoke Home Producer you will be able to produce karaoke CDG songs along with lyrics and title pages. It is especially intended for home users but experts can use it the same way also. It can also highlight the
  • Power CD+G to Video Karaoke Converter 1.0

    Convert CD+G discs and files to AVI and MPEG karaoke videos. Play karaoke songs on your computer, DVD players, or DivX-compatible portable devices. Power CD+G to Video karaoke Converter enables you to convert CD+G
  • Karaoke Video Creator

    karaoke Video Creator is a tool to let you create karaoke version of your favorite songs. Vocals can be removed from the voices using vocal removal thus creating karaoke lyrics. Song can be produced with lyrics, title
  • Karaoke-to-Text-with-Chords 2.2

    karaoke-to-Text-with-Chords facilitates (and sometimes automates) extraction of texts of songs from karaoke files, and determining chords for them. The main features of program: - karaoke and MIDI file processing. -
  • Karaoke Popstar 1.0.2

    A useful jukebox player that was specifically designed to play MP3+G karaoke Popstar is a useful jukebox player that was specifically designed to play MP3+G (pairs of identically named MP3 and CDG) karaoke files.karaoke