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  • Magic Button - Java Button Maker 4.01

    Now you ca easily create java based web buttons for your web pages by using handy software application Magic Button - Java Button Maker. It is very
  • SMS Create Pro 5.7.1

    SMS Create Pro is a tool for sending text messages from a PC to mobile phones using Email service. Also, it is usefull in a case when sending text
  • PDF Create 3

    PDF Create! (formerly Scansoft) is the fast, reliable and affordable way to turn all of your PC documents, drawings and images into industry-standard
  • PPT Create 1.0

    Program PPT CREATE (making the presentations) The Program is intended for making the presentations in format Microsoft Power Point. The Primary task
  • PDF Create .NET 2.4

    PDF Create .NET is a powerful .NET component for C# and Visual Basic .NET developers to programmatically create PDF files from practically any type
  • Kid Create 2.0

    Kid Create provides a fun and safe environment for families and children of all ages. While keeping your kids in a secure environment, Kid Create
  • PDF Create Convert 1.0

    PDF Create Convert is a useful program to create PDF documents from scratch or convert an existing document to PDF without the need of Adobe Acrobat.
  • Create A Quiz 5.16

    Create A Quiz is a "computer assisted learning" software program that allows teachers, educators, parents and businesses to easily generate
  • Create Ringtone 5.1

    Create Ringtone is use to create ringtones or a background tune while saving time and money. It supports MP3, QCP, WAV and M4R ringtones. It can
  • Create PDFs 1.3

    Easy to use tool that automates the creation of pdf documents. Create PDFs converts all the Excel files in a selected folder to PDF format. No need to
  • Create Stamp On PDF 1.32

    Create Stamp On PDF documents & files with PDF Stamping Software. PDF Stamping Software is an advanced tool designed with features to create
  • Create Barcode

    Affordable create barcode software is finest quality tool to build eye catching and bulk stickers, labels in any colors, font. Freeware barcode
  • Create Cards

    PC based ID card generator program offers you to store all created professional ID cards in any location of your PC for future purpose. Create cards
  • Label Create

    Innovative label creator software generates bar-coded labels for labeling goods or items of inventory to automate process. Easy to use label maker
  • Create Synchronicity 6.0

    Create Synchronicity is a powerful and lighweight open source file synchronization and backup tool developed in VB.Net, available in many languages.

    Maptitude:This macro demonstrates use of the CreateFigure() macro function which is used to create charts (line, scatter, bar, pie,
  • Create Message Pro 1.00

    Create Message Pro is used for creating and configuring the.EXE files of your configured messages. You can specify the message text as well as the
  • Create Surveys 1.1

    ABPollMaster! allows you to easily create sur ABPollMaster! allows you to easily create surveys, quizzes, slideshows, games, plus much more! This
  • Create Timeline V3.399

    Creates precision visual Timelines with embedded event content; text & images Timeline Studio's software creates the perfect template for simple or
  • Create Screenshot!

    Save screenshots by one click to many formats Screen shot Master can make screenshots with simple one click and save them to various file formats.
  • Create A Shortcut 1.0

    An easy to use shortcut creator. An easy to use shortcut creator. Create A Shortcut is a small, easy to use application specially designed to add
  • Create Timeline (TL1) V3.304

    Timeline creation software - Creates rich time based projects with pictures and
  • Addintools Create

    Convert rows of Microsoft Excel to Charts, Diagrams, AutoShapes, Drawings, WordArts, Reports, Tables, Cards, Labels, Forms and Sheets in just
  • Create A Plate

    Create your very own personalised plates with any standard inkjet or laser printer Easily import your own backgrounds & photos and add text to create
  • Create Demo 1.0

    Create, the must-have video game that is powered by your imagination and rewards you for being creative.The more you create, the more rewards you
  • Create Nvu Title 0.9

    This extension helps you to create and edit more easily a text for a tooltip ("title" attribute) with Nvu. When you wish to add a tooltip to a word
  • Create UDF Filesystem 0.1

    Create UDF FileSystem is a frontend for mkudffs from the udftools collection, written in
  • Create Shortcuts 2010

    Creates Shortcuts to the StartMenu, desktop and startup menu, I could See This one fit for installing files or uninstalling files, and ofcourse easy
  • Create Link 0.0.10

    Make HTML Link tag easily like Firefox addon Make Link. Copy current PaGE title and URL to clipboard in various formats. *Plain Text ([page title]
  • WWE - Create your own WWE Superstar 1

    In the full of excitement game WWE, you have to make your own superstar for competing against your friends. The winner is that who will win prizes
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  • Button Maker-7 2.0

    button Maker-7 is tool for create original buttons or background images for web. The program button Maker-7 offers you the following possibilities: * create original buttons or background images for web sites or
  • Start Button 8 5.12

    This is a set of two programs: Start button for Windows 8 and the convenient Start Menu. How to add a Start button to Windows 8? There are different Answers to this question. But only Start button 8 offers a convenient
  • Free Button Maker 1.0

    Free button Maker is good software to create button for your web,software and game.Is very easy to create button in 1 min. Change button text,size,style,text color,text align etc... and save in jpeg,gif,png or bmp
  • Button CGI 1.2

    button.exe creates GIF button images as a CGI or from the command line. button.exe comes with multiples styles and fills and allows users to create their own. Extensive support for date & time functions. Change all
  • Trellian Button Factory 3

    Have you ever tried to create your own web site and found it impossible to create great web graphics? Trellian button Factory enables you to take predefined button styles and tailor them to your own needs. With
  • Web Button Maker 5.1.1

    Web button Maker is specialized software to create 3D button in different shapes and size which is useful and gives good look to your projects. You can configure this tool according to your desire function list to get
  • Cool Button Designer 7.6

    create a cool looking buttons Cool button Designer is a software that was developed by Alexander Moroz and targeting graphic designer, web developers or anyone who is looking to create own cool looking button with
  • Just Buttons Pro 4.1

    Tired of seeing the same old buttons all over the net? Well grab a copy of Just buttons and create something new! You can create any type of button you want with this software tool. Just buttons allows you to add as
  • 3D Button Visual Editor 1.1

    3D button Visual Editor is a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) application that allows the user to create outstanding 3D buttons to give a more effective look to web sites and stand alone applications.The creation
  • Ms Button Maker 1.0

    Ms button Maker Ms button Maker - nice tool for create button fast,simple and easly.In Ms button Maker you can change text button you can choose font,align,size and color.You can choose different texture for
  • The Wizard's Apprentice

    It will allow you to ask questions from a script file, using Windows dialog boxes in the so-called Wizard style: large dialogs asking one question at a time, with a Back button, a Next button and a Cancel button. Using a
  • SCP Button Magic 4.0

    The key to keeping clients on your website is great navigation. Without well done, simple to use navigation, clients quickly MOVE on to other sites. Knowing this, webmasters spend hours designing the interface to their
  • Just Buttons 4.1

    Need to create a button or banner for your web site but don't want to learn how to use those complicated paint programs? Well Just buttons lets you create web buttons and banners instantly, just the way you want!
  • Fashion Button Maker 1.2

    Fashion button Maker 1.2 is a powerful and useful software to make gif button--make funnily interface for your Web sites and applications. GIF button is the most complete, easies-to-use picture format for your Web and
  • Button Builder Pro 1.0.72

    With over 8,000 pieces of clip art, button Builder Pro software provides the templates you need to create your own 1 ¼”, 2 ¼”, and 3” button designs for your Badge-A-Minit button-making
  • Behsoft Button Maker 1.0

    Behsoft button Maker is the easy way to make a professional looking button in minutes. - Rapidly create buttons for your site - Tons of FREE buttons to choose from - Inner tools and Library to create icons and use it
  • GraphicDesignerToolbox X 1.3.0

    Quickly snap together building blocks to create an infinite range of graphics. You have made this cool Web button out of a few building blocks. At some point you need a variation of this button. All you have to do is to
  • Button Magic 4.0

    The key to keeping clients on your website is great navigation. Without well done, simple to use navigation, clients quickly MOVE on to other sites. Knowing this, webmasters spend hours designing the interface to their
  • InstantFX SE Navigation Maker 1.0

    create Flash button Navigation Bars with ease. Use custom Fonts, MP3 Sounds, Text Color, button Color Tinting, Text Position/Alignment, Horizontal or Vertical Navigation. Output direct to any web pages, MS Frontpage,
  • Word Print Buttons Advanced V3.x

    Print buttons Add-In for MS-Word The Plugin creates up to 24 print buttons in the MS-Word toolbar. You can define print options for each button. This is the advanced version to print out stamps. The option properties
  • TimoSoft ButtonControls 1.6

    buttonControls is a collection of ActiveX controls that wrap the button window class. It is optimized for Visual Basic 6.0, but should also work in any other environment that supports COM controls.The controls superclass
  • 3D Button Suite 2006

    The Professional and Enterprise developers are using this 3D button Suite as it includes following products: 3D Active button Magic; 3D button API; 3D button Visual
  • AR Button ActiveX Control 1.10.0005

    This button can replace the standard command button that comes with VB, or act as an active or borderless button. It supports text or different pictures depending on the state of the
  • Verizon Small Business Toolbar

    Verizon Small Business Toolbar offer you widgets like:- fast search bar- email notifier- weather information- news- application button- eSupport button- allBusiness button- Stocks- radio player- Facebook login button-
  • Atomix Buttons 1.2

    Now you can create Java button applets through Atomix buttons without any HTML or Java programming knowledge. These created buttons can perform multiple animation functions with images. This wonderful button image
  • CSS Button Designer 1.0

    The easy to use and free software CSS button Designer lets you create style web form buttons as well as you can customize your button. It includes many examples that can be loaded and customized according to your
  • The Big Red Button 1

    The Big Red button lets you program F1-F10 as shortcut keys to exe files. F11 shows and minimizes the program to the taskbar. To customize the buttonspress F11 to show the program, then click the Customize button.
  • Web Button Menu Maker 3.2

    MTop Web button Menu Maker can help web designers to create professional xp, mac, glassy, metallic and colorful web buttons and DHTML pop-up menus in just a few clicks! With MTop Web button Menu Maker, you can create a
  • MedalFolders

    Chances are you've had your PayPal email address collected by a spam robot. Then your inbox is filled with all sorts of irrelevant emails that you don't want. You can protect your email address with the PayPal Flash
  • Button Farm 2.4

    The button Farm is unique easy-to-use tool, combining power and advanced features with a remarkably intuitive interface. It enables you to create nice-looking 3D and plain buttons, tabs for your web site quickly and