create and save playlists

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  • Create, Save or Print Barcodes Software 7.0

    Create Code 128, Code 29, UPC-A, UPC-E type barcodes. Save as JPG image or print to
  • iPod Playlists Recovery

    You can use this handy music files restoration tool for bringing the music files back. It offers you fastest and easiest method for restoring data
  • Delete Windows Media Player Files from Playlists all at once 9.0

    Do you feel that your computer is not running as quickly as you would like it to? In most cases the reason for a slow running PC or laptop is lack of
  • SMS Create Pro 5.7.1

    SMS Create Pro is a tool for sending text messages from a PC to mobile phones using Email service. Also, it is usefull in a case when sending text
  • PDF Create 3

    PDF Create! (formerly Scansoft) is the fast, reliable and affordable way to turn all of your PC documents, drawings and images into industry-standard
  • PPT Create 1.0

    Program PPT CREATE (making the presentations) The Program is intended for making the presentations in format Microsoft Power Point. The Primary task
  • PDF Create .NET 2.4

    PDF Create .NET is a powerful .NET component for C# and Visual Basic .NET developers to programmatically create PDF files from practically any type
  • Kid Create 2.0

    Kid Create provides a fun and safe environment for families and children of all ages. While keeping your kids in a secure environment, Kid Create
  • PDF Create Convert 1.0

    PDF Create Convert is a useful program to create PDF documents from scratch or convert an existing document to PDF without the need of Adobe Acrobat.
  • Create A Quiz 5.16

    Create A Quiz is a "computer assisted learning" software program that allows teachers, educators, parents and businesses to easily generate
  • Create Ringtone 5.1

    Create Ringtone is use to create ringtones or a background tune while saving time and money. It supports MP3, QCP, WAV and M4R ringtones. It can
  • Create PDFs 1.3

    Easy to use tool that automates the creation of pdf documents. Create PDFs converts all the Excel files in a selected folder to PDF format. No need to
  • Create Stamp On PDF 1.32

    Create Stamp On PDF documents & files with PDF Stamping Software. PDF Stamping Software is an advanced tool designed with features to create
  • Create Barcode

    Affordable create barcode software is finest quality tool to build eye catching and bulk stickers, labels in any colors, font. Freeware barcode
  • Create Cards

    PC based ID card generator program offers you to store all created professional ID cards in any location of your PC for future purpose. Create cards
  • Label Create

    Innovative label creator software generates bar-coded labels for labeling goods or items of inventory to automate process. Easy to use label maker
  • Create Synchronicity 6.0

    Create Synchronicity is a powerful and lighweight open source file synchronization and backup tool developed in VB.Net, available in many languages.

    Maptitude:This macro demonstrates use of the CreateFigure() macro function which is used to create charts (line, scatter, bar, pie,
  • Create Message Pro 1.00

    Create Message Pro is used for creating and configuring the.EXE files of your configured messages. You can specify the message text as well as the
  • Create Surveys 1.1

    ABPollMaster! allows you to easily create sur ABPollMaster! allows you to easily create surveys, quizzes, slideshows, games, plus much more! This
  • Create Timeline V3.399

    Creates precision visual Timelines with embedded event content; text & images Timeline Studio's software creates the perfect template for simple or
  • Create Screenshot!

    Save screenshots by one click to many formats Screen shot Master can make screenshots with simple one click and save them to various file formats.
  • Create A Shortcut 1.0

    An easy to use shortcut creator. An easy to use shortcut creator. Create A Shortcut is a small, easy to use application specially designed to add
  • Create Timeline (TL1) V3.304

    Timeline creation software - Creates rich time based projects with pictures and
  • Addintools Create

    Convert rows of Microsoft Excel to Charts, Diagrams, AutoShapes, Drawings, WordArts, Reports, Tables, Cards, Labels, Forms and Sheets in just
  • Create A Plate

    Create your very own personalised plates with any standard inkjet or laser printer Easily import your own backgrounds & photos and add text to create
  • Create Demo 1.0

    Create, the must-have video game that is powered by your imagination and rewards you for being creative.The more you create, the more rewards you
  • Create Nvu Title 0.9

    This extension helps you to create and edit more easily a text for a tooltip ("title" attribute) with Nvu. When you wish to add a tooltip to a word
  • Create UDF Filesystem 0.1

    Create UDF FileSystem is a frontend for mkudffs from the udftools collection, written in
  • Create Shortcuts 2010

    Creates Shortcuts to the StartMenu, desktop and startup menu, I could See This one fit for installing files or uninstalling files, and ofcourse easy
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  • SwaxM3U 0.95 beta

    swaxM3U is a program I wrote to create .m3u playslists automatically from your Folders. Use it in conjunction with swaxCD to play your Music Collection. swaxM3U will scan your drive from any starting directory and
  • AudioPLUS v.2.00

    Play your favorite songs and make and save playlists containing files of different formats is now possible with KudrSofts AudioPLUS. With an equalizer and control panel this is a complete audio player that plays almost
  • Computerised Sound Mixing Desk 2

    Computerised Sound Mixing Desk 2 is a professional product which is able to reduce the cost of simple sound editing and mixing. Originally designed for Drama Groups to run their shows using, it has now been adapted so it
  • NexTune Composer 1.8

    NexTune's Composer is amazing at instantly creating professional iTunes playlists. Use SmartMix to create a 400 song playlist from just a few songs in seconds. Upload iTunes playlists to your NexTune Network Profile and
  • SqlMyTunes for MC 1.2.5

    Auto-create power playlists %2F smartlists Auto-create power playlists / smartlists SqlMyTunes for MC is a handy utility that allows you to create power playlists / smartlists and perform library updates with SQL
  • Tangerine! 1.3.8

    Tangerine! lets you easily create playlists of upbeat music, or playlists for relaxing. It works by analyzing the BPM and the beat intensity of your music. Spend your time listening to music, not making
  • NexTune Nexus 3.0

    The unique Nexus difference includes NexTune's MoodMaker and SmartMix technology allowing users to instantly create and listen to customized playlists that feature songs from the user's library and songs that Nexus
  • NexTune Nexus for Mac 3.0

    The unique Nexus difference includes NexTune's MoodMaker and SmartMix technology allowing users to instantly create and listen to customized playlists that feature songs from the user's library and songs that Nexus
  • Random MixTape Maker

    create random playlists from mp3 files Random MixTape Maker allows you to create custom playlists from multiple mp3 file sources on your system. You can use these playlists to burn fresh, always new compilations to a
  • Myradus Playlist Exporter--iTunes-to-Tivo M3U 2.1

    Myradus Playlist Exporter--iTunes-to-Tivo M3U 2.1 will make you satisfied because it allows you to easily export all of your iTunes playlists to M3U format, so that they can be used with Tivo (or any other M3U compatible
  • SoundBite 0.11 beta

    SoundBite is the quickest and easiest way to create great-sounding playlists in iTunes or SongBird. Once installed, SoundBite will get to know your music collection and when it's done, you're ready to create playlists to
  • The Filter 2.3

    The Filter is an innovative recommendations engine for iTunes and Windows Media Player that can save you time building playlists. All you need to do is select a song and tell The Filter to build you a playlist based
  • MiLo's Jukebox

    MiLo's Jukebox is a small yet powerfull multimedia player. It lets you create and manage playlists, and play virtually any file. Features: Plays all registered multimedia formats, such as WAVE, MIDI, MPEG, MP3, AVI.
  • Tunes Playlist Converter 2.0

    Tunes Playlist Converter is a project written to fill the gap between iTunes and android, while not switching to another music management system. Having used iTunes Agent for awhile, and waiting for their next version,
  • MediaShare Chat & Play PRO 6.0.0

    Mediashare Chat and Play PRO with the new SpiderChat and MediaGrid Player is a NEW way to enjoy your video media as well as Share,Chat and Play your Audio. Play upto 8 videos (or music) at once with MediaGrid containing
  • TuneExplorer 1.0b100

    TuneExplorer analyzes the sonic properties of music (mp3 files) and helps you quickly find, organize and make playlists so you can listen the music you're in the mood to hear! Features of "TuneExplorer": ???
  • One Web MP3 Server 3.0

    One Web MP3 Server is a free ASP application that turns your MP3 collection into a website. It allows you to quickly access your music over a local network or even the Internet. Now you can browse, search, create
  • Finetune Desktop 1.0.6

    To listen user defined playlist as well as dynamic playlists Finetune Desktop is the best utility for artists and tags. Finetune Desktop gives you quick access to your custom playlists and will keep track of your
  • Yookoo 4.0.1

    Yookoo 4 combines beauty with power. The pro tools allow you to easily create, edit and save playlists, play your favourite songs quickly, as well as download files from the web. - playlists allow you to have songs
  • Playlist2NAS 1.0

    Convert your PC's playlists to a format your network storage music servercan use.A standalone program and a MediaMonkey plugin both exist. If you've got a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device that serves your music
  • San Andreas Radio

    Ever had a hankering to be a San andreas radio DJ? Want to listen to San andreas radio in the car on the way to work?This program allows you to create your own CD playlists from songs, commercials, station idents, and
  • Playlist Blender 1.2.2

    Playlist Blender??? is great for iTunes mp3 collections that are large, Eclectic and constantly growing! Playlist Blender is a shareware utility that gives you more control over your iTunes user playlists. Quickly
  • Alt MP3 Screensaver Player 1.7

    Play musical slideshow from picture playlists With Alt MP3 Screensaver Player you can make a slideshow from a collection of pictures and synchronize it to WinAmp's MP3 playlists. You don't need to generate a single
  • myMusic 2.1

    myMusic helps you keep your digital music in order and makes it portable so that you can listen to it were ever you are! If your music collection is big myMusic's seekfunction will help you find any album or a song.
  • Playlist Creator for BlackBerry Torch 2.32

    Automatically create BlackBerry Torch playlists. Automatically create BlackBerry Torch playlists. Playlist Creator for BlackBerry Torch is an advanced application designed for transfering music and creating playlists
  • akPlayer 1.9.0

    The handy32-bit utility akPlayer is used for making playlists of audio and video files. you can save these playlists for playing later. Its supports video files are .wav, .avi, .mid, .mpg, and .dat. For transfer and
  • Periscope Player

    Periscope Player is a handy and reliable utility designed to enable you to stream music to your computer from anywhere in the world. Periscope Player will enable you to search for songs and to easily create playlists.
  • SqlMyTunes for iTunes 1.4.0

    Auto-create power playlists Auto-create power playlists and perform iTunes library updates with SQL SELECT statements SqlMyTunes for iTunes is an application which exports your media library to a chosen SQL server
  • Sparticle v2 - YummyWorks 2

    Sparticles v2 is only the first step in the increasing complexity of YummyWorks VICs. As more quantum information is collected by Professor Y for the Sparticles, there will be continued enhanced interactivity and lots
  • iTunes MP3 Export 1.6

    iTunes MP3 Export exports playlists defined in your iTunes Music Library to standard .m3u playlist files. Provides a simple GUI application that can be used to generate playlists, a Graphical UI that provides a wizard